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Racism and Myths


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Dr. Charles Drew before his death in 1950


  •   Racism was as strong as ever in the 1930s and therefore fueled many rumors about Dr. Charles Drew. One of which included that Dr. Drew was not responsible for the breakthrough of scientific or medical discoveries for which he is today so often credited. There was a biography wrote by, Charles Wynes entitled, "The Man and the Myth" which describes more about this Myth.
  •   Another popular Myth is about the death of Dr. Charles Drew. When the car accident that ended his life in 1950 occurred, he was rushed to the nearest hospital where doctors supposedly refused to give him "White" blood. It's hard to trace the source of this rumor but it is said to possibly have started by Dick Gregory, the black comedian and activist in the 1960s. Even the popular television show "M.A.S.H." recounted the story of Drew's death, elevating it to the level of national folklore. Although no matter how much the media exploits this rumor it is very untrue. The three colleges that rode with Dr. Drew during the accident survived and have confirmed that doctors at the hospital in North Carolina recognized Dr. Drew and did not hesitate to give him whatever blood they could. With Dr. Drew's neck broken, chest crushed, and his vena cava severed, there was no possibility that Drew could have survived.

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